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Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Michael G. Salazar, Jr. of the Salazar Law Firm represents individuals who have been charged with possessing, manufacturing, or selling false identification. In the state of Florida, virtually all offenses involving fake IDs are categorized as felonies, which means that you could wind up going to jail if you're found guilty. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest and the manner in which the false identification was used, there could be additional charges, as well. Battle tested criminal defense lawyer Michael Salazar has successfully represented individuals who have been arrested in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties for violations of Florida's strict fake ID laws. Contact his Fort Lauderdale office to discuss your options.

False Identification Cases in the State of Florida

Florida State Statue 322.212 is the law that makes most activities involving fake IDs felonies. Some of the cases that attorney Salazar handles include:

  • Possessing stolen, forged, or blank driver's license or identification cards
  • Possessing a fake Florida ID
  • Possessing a fake ID from anywhere else that Florida recognizes as an issuing authority
  • Selling or offering to sell fake, blank, or stolen IDs
  • Giving away a valid drivers license or ID card for the purpose of the recipient using it for false identification
  • Using false identification or information to secure a state ID or driver's license

The laws of the state of Florida are written in such a way that you could be charged with a felony if a police officer finds a fake ID in your pocket even if you didn't intend to use it for anything. You could also be charged with a felony for trying to use false identification to get into a bar or club.

Private Criminal Defense Lawyer of Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach

If you've been charged with possession of false identification, you could be facing jail, fines, probation, loss of your driving privileges, and a criminal record. Don't take a fake ID arrest lightly. Contact a criminal defense lawyer who has experience beating fake ID arrests. Criminal defense lawyer Michael Salazar has forged a reputation in the Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach criminal courts as a tough defender of his clients' rights. To schedule an appointment with one of Fort Lauderdale's top criminal defense lawyers, call (954) 278-8314.

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