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For over two decades, criminal defense attorney Michael Salazar of the Salazar Law Firm has represented individuals who have been accused of violations of Florida's criminal statutes. Attorney Salazar understands the impact of even a single criminal arrest for a misdemeanor or felony crime. If you are a professional, having an arrest record can mean, prison, fines, loss of licensure, revoked security clearances, and reduced employability. If you are a juvenile or young adult, in addition to jail time, one reckless moment can result in a criminal charge that you will have to explain for the rest of your life. To discuss an arrest or criminal charges that have been levied against you, contact the Salazar Law Firm.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Broward County Florida

Criminal defense attorney Michael Salazar has been aggressively defending the rights and freedoms of clients from the Weston community for almost as long as the city has been in existence. Some of the cases that he has handled have involved the criminal charges of:

Attorney Salazar also handles crimes typically associated with juveniles and young adults:

Criminal defense attorney Salazar also represents clients who are seeking to have their criminal records sealed or expunged.

Professional Criminal Defense Attorney for Weston, FL

Attorney Michael Salazar of Fort Lauderdale's Salazar law firm has a hard won reputation for being a fierce advocate for his clients. He is a criminal defense lawyer with a strong background in constitutional law and Florida case law.

Even if it is a first offense, you cannot afford to take the matter lightly. A criminal record, no matter how limited, can have an adverse impact on all aspects of your life: career, education, family, and standing in the community.

To schedule an appointment with one of Weston's most experienced criminal defense lawyers, call the Salazar Law Firm at (954) 278-8314.

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